So that you don't miss any minute of your stay in Pamplona


The City

Pamplona is a calm town, very safe and green. More than 20% of the city is green and pedestrian. It is one of the european cities with the highest percentages in green areas and recreation. It is distinguished by its artistic heritage and its gastronomy. The most popular festival in Pamplona is San Fermín, celebrated every year from 7 of July until 14 of July. In this link you would get to know more details about Pamplona..

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How do I get there?

There are many way to get to Pamplona. You can get there by train, bus, car or airplane. The following links are about all the information you need about the different vehicles, schedules, possible combinations between them.

Train: Pamplona’s train station has many connections with different cities. This link shows you the different options to get to Pamplona: + info

Bus: The bus station is situated in the heart if the city. It has diary connections with different cities. You can read more about it in the following link: + info

Car: Pamplona has an excellent road network, that is why the car is the most used conveyance. In this link you can find more information: + info

Airplane: The airport is at 6 Km from Pamplona, which is located in Noáin. You can obtain more information in the following link: + info

How do I move in Pamplona?

In Pamplona you can move through the city by local bus, or taxi or rent bicycles. You must remember that there are not long distances, so you can go walking to most of the places.

Urban Bus: The local bus it is well known as “la villavesa”. That is why, they normally add the word “la” to the different bus number (For example: la (villavesa) 4…). In the following link you can find all the information about the bus timetables and travels: + info

Taxis: If you want to take a taxi, you should just call to the phone number, or go to a taxi stop, because it is not possible to stop one directly in the street. The taxi phone numbers are: 948-23 23 00 / 948-35 13 35. + info

Bicycle Renting: Since 2007, Pamplona has a bicycle rent service. In this link you will find all the information you need: + info

Cultural Offer

In Pamplona you can enjoy of different shows, films, theatre, wine tasting, dance shows, concerts, guided visits… Pamplona offers a wide cultural offer. If you want to read more about it, you can click the following link.+ info

What you should pack in your bag?
  • Rain clothes: water boots, umbrella, oilskin coat
  • Warm clothing: gloves, hat, scarf, wool jersey
  • Sport clothes: Ropa de deporte: You are going to practice a lot of sport in University
  • Towels and bed sheets
  • Photos and something personal so you can personalize your room and feel like living in home
  • Adapter plugs if you have a charger or a dryer, In Spain our plugs have two openings.